Exploring E.T. Shooting Locations: Rediscover the Magic

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Lights, camera, action! Are you ready to embark on a thrilling adventure to the enchanting shooting locations of the iconic movie, “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial”? Step into the world of Spielberg’s masterpiece and relive the magic of one of the most beloved films in cinematic history. In this article, we will take you on a journey to the captivating E.T. shooting locations, providing you with all the information you need to plan your own extraordinary adventure. So, grab your bicycle and let’s dive into the wonder of E.T.!

Importance of Visiting E.T. Shooting Locations

There’s something truly special about visiting the locations where our favorite movies were filmed. It’s like stepping into the screen and becoming a part of the story. E.T. holds a significant place in our hearts, capturing the imagination of generations with its tale of friendship and the longing for home. By exploring the shooting locations, you have the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the magic of the film and experience a connection to the characters and their extraordinary journey.

E.T. Shooting Locations: Exploring the Magic

Let’s embark on a virtual tour of some of the most memorable shooting locations from E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. Each location played a pivotal role in the film and holds its own captivating charm. Get ready to be transported to the world of Elliott, E.T., and their extraordinary adventure.

1. The Suburban Neighborhood (Keys Street)

Our journey begins in the picturesque suburban neighborhood where Elliott and his friends encountered the lovable alien. Located in the city of Porter Ranch, California, this neighborhood, known as Keys Street, became the backdrop for many unforgettable scenes. From Elliott’s iconic bike ride with E.T. to the emotional farewell, this neighborhood witnessed the heartwarming moments that have forever etched themselves in our memories.

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2. The Iconic Cul-de-Sac (Meadowbrook Avenue)

Next, we venture to the charming cul-de-sac on Meadowbrook Avenue in Culver City, California. This location served as Elliott’s home in the movie, where the magic unfolded. Picture yourself standing on the exact spot where E.T. made first contact with Elliott, and feel the enchantment of the moment. Meadowbrook Avenue captures the essence of childhood adventures and the power of unexpected friendships.

3. The Hauntingly Beautiful Forest (Tujunga Canyon)

Now, let’s venture into the mystical Tujunga Canyon, situated in the San Gabriel Mountains, California. This serene forest became the backdrop for the iconic scene where Elliott and his friends join forces with E.T. to help him return home. As you explore the captivating trails, you’ll feel the presence of E.T. and the wonder of nature that enveloped the characters in their quest.

4. The Enchanting Classroom (Portola Middle School)

Our next stop takes us to Portola Middle School in Los Angeles, California. This is where Elliott’s classroom scenes were filmed, capturing the innocence and curiosity of childhood. As you step into the halls of this school, you’ll be transported back in time, reliving the excitement and wonder of Elliott’s encounters with his extraterrestrial friend.

5. The Breathtaking Beach (Leo Carrillo State Park)

Prepare to be mesmerized as we head to the stunning Leo Carrillo State Park in Malibu, California. This picturesque beach served as the backdrop for the iconic final scene of E.T., where our beloved alien bids farewell to Elliott and his friends. Stand on the same shore where E.T.’s spaceship soared into the night sky, leaving a lasting imprint on our hearts.

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6. The Majestic Redwood Forest (Redwood National Park)

Our final destination takes us to the awe-inspiring Redwood National Park in Northern California. Although not directly part of the filming locations, the towering and magnificent redwood trees symbolize the magical forest where E.T. sought refuge in the movie. Walking among these ancient giants will evoke the same sense of wonder and awe experienced by the characters as they encountered E.T.’s interstellar presence.

How to Plan Your E.T. Shooting Locations Tour

Now that we’ve explored these enchanting shooting locations, you might be wondering how to plan your own E.T. adventure. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your journey:

  1. Research and Create an Itinerary: Start by researching each shooting location, noting their addresses, accessibility, and any specific regulations. Create an itinerary that allows you to visit all the locations conveniently.

  2. Guided Tours vs. Self-Guided Exploration: Decide whether you prefer a guided tour or a self-guided exploration. Guided tours provide valuable insights and behind-the-scenes stories, while self-guided exploration offers flexibility and the freedom to discover at your own pace.

  3. Transportation and Accommodations: Plan your transportation and accommodations accordingly. Consider renting a car for ease of travel, and book accommodations near the shooting locations to maximize your time on-site.

  4. Timing and Season: Check the best times to visit each location. Consider visiting during weekdays to avoid crowds, and be mindful of any seasonal factors that may affect your experience.

  5. Capture the Magic: Don’t forget to bring your camera or smartphone to capture the magic of each location. Take photos, recreate iconic scenes, and create your own memories to cherish for a lifetime.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are all the shooting locations accessible to the public?
Yes, all the mentioned shooting locations are accessible to the public. However, some locations, such as residential neighborhoods, require visitors to be respectful of the residents’ privacy and property.

Can I recreate specific scenes from the movie at these locations?
While it’s tempting to recreate your favorite scenes, it’s important to be respectful of the shooting locations and follow any rules or regulations. Some locations may have restrictions on recreating scenes, so it’s always best to inquire beforehand.

Are there any special events or exhibits related to E.T. shooting locations?
Occasionally, there may be special events or exhibits dedicated to E.T. shooting locations. Stay updated with local event calendars, film festivals, or fan conventions to see if any such events are taking place during your visit.


As we reach the end of our E.T. shooting locations adventure, we hope you feel inspired to embark on your own journey to relive the magic of this timeless film. Exploring these captivating locations will allow you to connect with the characters, the story, and the enduring legacy of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. So, grab your friends, pack your sense of wonder, and let the magic of E.T. guide you on an unforgettable adventure that will leave you touched by its extraterrestrial charm for years to come.

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